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Sealy & Company, a fully-integrated commercial real estate investment and operating company, is a recognized leader in acquiring, developing, and redeveloping regional distribution warehouse, industrial/flex, and other commercial properties. Sealy provides a full-service platform for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors through our development, management, and brokerage divisions.


Featured Property - Great Southwest Distribution Center

  • Price:  $5.45
  • Sq Ft Available:  12,674
  • Total Building Sq Ft:  28,080
  • Property Type:  Office/Flex

5,890 Office SF | 3 Dock-High Doors | 18' Clear Height | Fully Sprinklered | Easy Access to I-30, TX-360, and PGBT

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Sealy’s executive team has been assembled over the past 20 years and shares individual histories of delivering outstanding results and a commitment to Sealy’s strategic goals. The executive team has over 150 years of combined experience at Sealy, creating extensive contacts and strong relationships within the industry and communities we serve.

Executive Team

Mark P. Sealy
James R. Cook, Jr.
Chief Financial Officer
Richard S. Czerwinski
Chief Operating Officer
Scott P. Sealy, Jr.
Chief Investment Officer
Michael P. Sealy
Executive Vice President - Capital Markets
Calvin H. Sears
Senior Controller
David P. Draft
Executive Vice President - Strategic Planning
Eric D. Marx
Executive Vice President - Portfolio Management
Frank B. Bazzel
Executive Vice President – Counsel

Regional Team

William Shagets
Regional Director


Sealy & Company is comprised of approximately 100 real estate professionals all trained and mentored to have an “investor mentality.” At the heart of our corporate culture is this mentality - meaning that each decision made from the property level to the corporate level focuses on maximizing the value of our investments. Our people are skilled problem solvers who embrace our culture and values. The tenure of our workforce is one of the highest in the industry and we feel this continuity helps us to effectively execute our proprietary strategies at all levels.

Name Title Region
Name Title Region
Alex Chuntz Fiscal Operations Administrator Atlanta
Aly Hesson Regional Accountant - Shreveport & New Orleans Shreveport
Angel Pattison Accountant - AP Shreveport
Angie Sexton Lease Administrator Shreveport
Annette Moreland Lease Administrator Dallas
Ashley Herbel Regional Accountant Shreveport
B. Derrick Jones Regional Director Houston
Belen Thompson Assistant Property Manager Forney
Beth F. King, SIOR Associate Broker Shreveport
Calvin Sears Senior Controller Dallas
Carina Hashi Customer Service Coordinator Houston
Charles Lattin Maintenance Technician Shreveport
Cherry Bray Property Manager Houston
Chloe Ramsey Administrative Assistant - Brokerage Shreveport
Christine Fortson Business Assistant Shreveport
Christopher Martin Sr. Investment Analyst Dallas
Clay Erwin Manager - Accounting Shreveport
Dave Draft Executive Vice President - Strategic Planning Dallas
Davis Gibbs Sr. Operations Analyst Dallas
Debi Valentine Director - Human Resources Shreveport
Dianne LaCroix Accountant II Shreveport
Doug Abington Associate Broker Shreveport
Elizabeth Helvin Sr. Property Manager Atlanta
Emili Cohen Manager - Construction Department Dallas
Emily Bynum Brokerage Agent Shreveport
Eric D. Marx Executive Vice President - Portfolio Management Dallas
Frank B. Bazzel Executive Vice President - Counsel Atlanta
Hannah Russell Marketing Coordinator Shreveport
Howell Jones Portfolio Property Manager Forney
Jackson Wheless Brokerage Agent Shreveport
James Jezewski Information Systems Specialist Shreveport
James Johnston Maintenance Technician Shreveport
James R. Cook, Jr., CPA Chief Financial Officer Shreveport
Jared Moise Sr. Regional Property Manager Dallas
Jason Gandy Managing Director of Investment Services Dallas
Jean Hanson Manager - Payroll Shreveport
Jennifer Dunn Director - Leasing & Marketing Atlanta
Jennifer Samaha Associate - Leasing & Marketing Dallas
Jennifer Sanford Vice President - Operations Atlanta
Jenny Dupree Assistant Controller Shreveport
JoAnn Wheless Assoc. Broker Shreveport
Jody McDaniel Associate Asset Manager Shreveport
Joe Fleming Brokerage Agent Shreveport
John Davis Manager - Construction Atlanta
John Gatschenberger Network Administrator Shreveport
Kate LeJeune Associate - Marketing Coordinator Shreveport
Kayte H. Hollowell Director - Marketing Shreveport
Kevin P. Broussard, CPA Director - Accounting Shreveport
Laura Fite Assistant Property Manager San Antonio
Lauren Johnson Regional Accountant - Dallas Shreveport
Lauren Sealy Pettiette Business Process Documentation Specialist Shreveport
Lesley Stocker Risk Manager Atlanta
Leslie Beckmann Business Assistant Dallas
Lisa Gallaher Assistant Property Manager Atlanta
Lisa Rowe Sr. Property Manager Dallas
Liz O'Connor Lease Administrator Shreveport
Lolly Podgorny Accountant III Shreveport
Lori Stratton Assistant Property Manager Shreveport
Mark Cunningham Maintenance Techinician Dallas
Mark P. Sealy President Shreveport
Mary Megan Youmans Business Analyst Dallas
Meghan Lowery Accounting - AR Shreveport
Melissa Riddick Brokerage Agent Shreveport
Michael Dickson Construction Manager Shreveport
Michael P. Sealy Executive Vice President - Capital Markets Dallas
Miriam Segovia Property Services Coordinator Houston
Natalie Georgia Portfolio Accountant Shreveport
Ned Rolfs Information Systems Manager Shreveport
Pete Hoffman Vice President - Construction Management Dallas
Phyllis Dublin Administrator - Brokerage Shreveport
Raquel Walker-Smith Assistant Property Manager Houston
Rebecca Tyra Regional Accountant - Atlanta Shreveport
Richard S. Czerwinski Chief Operating Officer Dallas
Roger DeKay Associate Broker Shreveport
Roland Ricou Brokerage Agent Shreveport
Samantha Marcellin Customer Service Coordinator Houston
Scott P. Sealy, Jr. Chief Investment Officer Dallas
Scott P. Sealy, Sr. Chairman of the Board Dallas
Sean O'Con CAD/Project Design Manager Shreveport
Shelley Flynn Executive Administrative Assistant Dallas
Shelley Touchstone Customer Service Coordinator Shreveport
Sonya Pistorius Resource Manager Shreveport
Stephen Morehart Director - Asset Manager Shreveport
Tara Jones In-House Counsel Shreveport
Taylor Slack Project Manager Dallas
Theresa Meshell Fiscal Operations Administrator Dallas
Thomas Rayburn Senior Property Manager Atlanta
Tish Hall Corporate Resource Manager Shreveport
Troy Waters Maintenance Technician Shreveport
Wells Audrey Russell-Humble Asset Manager Shreveport
William Shagets Regional Director Dallas
Zach Alexander Accountant III Shreveport

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