What We Do

What We Do

We Do

Our full-service platform employs a straightforward investment strategy that has served us well for over the last 50 years of investing. We strive to provide investment opportunities through sourcing the acquisition of high quality, well located assets, create value by addressing any property or business issues through aggressive asset management, and sell the assets once the objectives are accomplished to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns. More simply...


As a leader in industrial real estate investment, we are a trusted partner to a wide range of capital investors including investment interests with 3rd generation partners up to the largest teachers' retirement fund in the United States. Sealy has leveraged its proven track record in industrial real estate investment to develop investment solutions for entrepreneurs, high-net worth individuals, family offices, foundations, endowments, and institutional capital.

Investment Vehicles


We seek to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns through investment funds in the industrial property sector by utilizing our platform to source portfolio investments and to add value through property renovation, lease up, and development. The funds are structured as commingled, discretionary, closed-end vehicles with short to medium term horizons.


We provide large and small investors the opportunity to participate in property investments through joint venture partnerships alongside Sealy. These ventures customarily hold a specific characteristic such as size, geography, or risk profile that allow investors who are pursuing specific investment objectives to benefit from Sealy’s proprietary pipeline of transaction sourcing.

Separate Accounts

Sealy provides large-scale organizations the ability to institute a customized investment account to capture specific opportunities in the market. Such vehicles utilize Sealy’s real estate operator skills to assemble and manage portfolios of the highest quality assets across selected markets to generate above-market returns.


Over the past seven decades, Sealy & Company developed a unique network of key local market participants in the Southeastern and Southwestern US real estate markets. This network, along with our local market professionals, creates a compelling competitive advantage for sourcing, evaluating, and managing investment opportunities throughout our markets.


Value add attracts a certain type of investor, one like Sealy who is incredibly astute and in tune with the local market needs. Sealy’s value-add strategy seeks to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns in the primarily in the industrial property sector by adding value to the assets we purchase through property renovation, lease up, management, and re-development with an emphasis on income and long-term growth.


Sealy’s core investment strategy prioritizes long-term growth in net operating income. We target superior submarkets which demonstrated high tenant demand. Our core strategy also seeks supply-constrained locations with mixed-use real estate assets fueled by sustainable economic growth engines. Core investments feature superior physical characteristics that are attractive to tenants.

Core +

The Core+ investment strategy we follow focuses on stabilized buildings that are currently generating a steady income and have potential for capital appreciation through rental growth, lease up, and/or addressing deferred maintenance. This minimum-to-moderate risk strategy targets high-quality assets meeting the functional needs of today’s tenants, in performing markets, with strong location characteristics.


Our platform provides unique investment opportunities for properties experiencing distress in capital structure and/or fundamental operations. The cyclical nature in the commercial real estate market creates distinct multi-year opportunities for specialists in distressed real estate. Sealy is both an experienced capital structure and debt strategy specialist, as well as an experienced real estate operator, a rare combination.


Repositioning and Redevelopment

Sealy has a strong track record of unlocking building value through repositioning or redevelopment. We ask questions such as whether the asset is performing at market rate, what is its potential, and how can it be improved to increase financial performance. The answers to these questions inform decisions about which design and construction approach will realize the best potential value of the asset. These decisions combined with our depth of market knowledge allow us to capitalize on the highest and best use of our properties based on their location and market fundamentals.

Asset Management

Each investment requires a strategic market-driven perspective. A strategic plan is implemented to position and manage the asset and carefully balance the investment strategy goals, the physical and financial status, and the realities of the marketplace. Our asset managers maintain detailed five-year forecasts of each asset and execute the strategy to provide the underwritten returns. The firm’s Asset Managers provide superior oversight of investment properties and protect the long-term value of investor's’ capital by:

  • Managing capital improvement requirements

  • Tenant leasing objectives

  • Repositioning requirements

  • Expense controls for improving operating margins

Property Management

The firm’s Property Managers oversee the day-to-day operations of assets in the portfolio and help to execute the long-term strategic plan developed by asset management. Property management provides timely, detailed perspectives on operational and strategic aspects of the properties which include:

  • Monthly reports of operating performance

  • Periodic insights on valuation

  • Market conditions

  • Maintenance activity

  • Occupancy and leasing activity

  • Annual re-evaluation of the strategic plan


Track Record

Over its’ investment history, Sealy & Company has invested in well over 300 projects. Historically, we have materially outperformed industry benchmarks by generating a gross, levered IRR of 26%± .

Exit Strategy

By planning a disposition strategy around these elements—speed, price and risk—we can capitalize on disposition opportunities. Our investment services professionals help determine the best time frame and process for an exit, taking into account potential tax ramifications and market conditions to generate the strongest returns.

Industry Knowledge

Commercial real estate investment decisions require comprehensive market knowledge, anticipation of real estate trends, and a thorough understanding of market dynamics. Sealy has been investing for over 50 years and has refined our investment strategies with the knowledge we have gained to know when and where to buy based on the current economic cycles.

Recycle Capital

Capital recycling programs consist of selling off non-core properties and using the proceeds to improve the quality of portfolios through redevelopment and acquisitions. Recycling has long been a fundamental part of Sealy “Portfolio By Design” strategy and has been successfully executed in large part due to the advantages of Sealy’s enterprise financing capabilities.