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Keys To Our Success

“The greatest part of our brand, from the beginning, is our integrity and honesty. They are the keys to our business success the last 75 years.”


Scott P. Sealy, Sr.


Founded by J. Pollard Sealy, Sr. in 1946, Sealy & Company, is a 4th-generation, family-owned, fully-integrated commercial real estate investment and operating company driven by commitment, integrity, discipline, innovation, and a passion for excellence.

Initially founded as Sealy Realty Company, Inc, the company’s primary activity was in the subdivision of land and the sale of lots for residential development. Today, more than seven decades later, Sealy & Company has evolved with expanded service offerings, a broadened geographical footprint, and even stronger partnerships.

Today, we reflect back on our 75+ years of business and the relationships, employees, and family that got us here as well as look at what the future holds for Sealy & Company. Here’s to another 75+ years.

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Growth Through Relationships (Investor Relationships)

Scott P. Sealy, Jr
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Growth Through Relationships (Industry Relationships)

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Investments Through the Years

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Our Employees

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The Sealy Family

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Platform Evolution Through the Years

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The Future of Sealy

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Thank You

Words From Our Team