Property Management

Sealy is recognized as a leader in real estate management. While there are numerous reasons for Sealy’s historic success, preserving and enhancing the value of real estate assets is Sealy’s fundamental business principle. Each investment requires a strategic market-driven perspective. The Sealy team implements a comprehensive set of services, analyses, and reporting for each property under management. An experienced staff of highly motivated professionals, backed by information and communication systems, provides the needed support and resources required to maximize the potential of all Sealy’s real estate investments.

Management for an asset begins with a transition meeting between the investment officer and the management division to review the details of the underwriting in the investment package. The primary focus of the transition meeting is to review the investment strategy, pro forma, operating and cash flow assumptions, capital expenditure plans, debt terms, debt structure, and return expectations. The investment officer, asset manager and property manager also review information related to the revenue stream, such as, market leasing rates, leasing terms and conditions, leasing hurdles and significant loan terms. This meeting provides the management division the necessary information to understand the strategy and maintain detailed five-year forecasts that incorporate the underwriting of lease rates, operating expenses, lease-up cost, capital expenditures and debt service of the asset. Management then begins to execute the budgets and the strategy to provide the underwritten returns.