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Over 50 Years of
Management Experience

Management Capabilities
  • Focused execution by in-house local operating experts
  • Creative repositioning/redevelopment strategies
  • Innovative financing
  • Hands-on leasing and management
  • Investor mentality at all levels of the organization
Asset Management

Each investment requires a strategic market-driven perspective. A strategic plan is implemented to position and manage the asset and carefully balance the investment strategy goals, the physical and financial status, and the realities of the marketplace. Our asset managers maintain detailed five-year forecasts of each asset and execute the strategy to provide the underwritten returns. The firm’s Asset Managers provide superior oversight of investment properties and protect the long-term value of investor’s capital by:

  • Managing capital improvement requirements
  • Tenant leasing objectives
  • Repositioning requirements
  • Expense controls for operating margins
Property Management

The firm’s Property Managers oversee the day-to-day operations of assets in the portfolio and help to execute the long-term strategic plan developed by asset management. Property management provides timely, detailed perspectives on operational and strategic aspects of the properties which include:

  • Monthly reports of operating performance
  • Periodic insights on valuation
  • Market conditions
  • Maintenance activity
  • Occupancy and leasing activity
  • Annual re-evaluation of the strategic plan
Construction Management

Sealy’s construction management services maximize value for each investment by effectively governing the construction process while maintaining budget, quality, and speed to market objectives. Our project delivery yields functional, high-quality spaces with competitive rate structures. From concept to completion, our experienced construction management team delivers exceptional results through:

  • Industrial specific project oversight
  • Tenant & building improvements
  • Guaranteed work-flow transparency & quality inspection
  • Configuration, design, & layout of interior suites
  • Cost control
  • Implementation of sustainable building features