Chicago, the bustling city known for its rich history and iconic architecture and home of Sealy & Company’s newest regional office, played host to Sealy & Company’s 2023 Operations Summit. The gathering served as a powerful catalyst, bringing together the operations team with company leadership. The summit proved to be a resounding success, aligning visions, introducing innovative strategies, fostering collaboration, and devising solutions to pave the way for a future of continued success.

The Operations Summit, held at The Thompson Hotel in the heart of Chicago, provided a unique platform for team members from across the organization to converge, exchange ideas, and align their efforts with Sealy & Company’s mission and objectives. President Mark P. Sealy expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “Our Ops Summit is a great opportunity for our team to see how far the company has come, recognize team members for outstanding performance, learn what others are working on, and unify our team to move forward and drive progress across the organization’s platform.”

In the spirit of recognizing excellence, outstanding team members were chosen by their colleagues and celebrated during the summit. Acknowledging their dedication and contributions, Sealy & Company highlighted individuals and teams who went above and beyond to deliver exceptional results and positively impact the company’s performance. This recognition not only serves as a testament to the hard work of these individuals but also reinforces a culture of appreciation and motivation within the organization.

As the 2023 Operations Summit came to a close, the attendees returned to their respective roles, energized and inspired by the shared vision and collaborative spirit that permeated the event. Armed with new strategies, fresh ideas, and a sense of unity, the operations team at Sealy & Company is poised to drive progress, operational excellence, and continued success across the organization’s platform.

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About Sealy & Company

Sealy & Company, a fully-integrated commercial real estate investment, and operating company, is a recognized leader in acquiring, developing, and redeveloping regional distribution warehouse, industrial/flex, and other commercial properties. Sealy provides a full-service platform for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors through our development, management, and brokerage divisions.Sealy & Company has an exceptional team of over 100 employees, located in five offices, with corporate offices in Dallas, TX and Shreveport, ­LA.