Throughout Sealy & Company’s 75+ year history, we have committed to helping students build their skills and grow their experiences across the many disciplines of Sealy’s full-service real estate investment and operating platform.  We strive to provide interns with a structure that allows them to build real-world experience working on challenging real estate and investment questions in a highly dynamic environment while learning about Sealy & Company’s deep history, proven investment strategy, and entrepreneurial approach operations.

Internships play a pivotal role in shaping the future talent pool and provide a win-win situation for both Sealy & Company and our interns.  Sealy & Company has provided five (5) full-time internship positions across our capital markets, investment services, brokerage, and marketing functions this summer.  Our 2023 class of summer interns includes Barro Massad (Shreveport), James Stone (Dallas), Macie LaRue (Shreveport), Mary Louise Rogers (Dallas), and Reid Kennedy (Dallas).

Sealy & Company invests in our interns’ development from their first day.  We design our internship program to provide valuable learning experiences and meaningful work that aligns with their passions to propel their future paths.  Through our internship program, we aim to draw from the fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and diverse skill sets that interns bring.  Sealy’s internship model also offers mentorship, rotational programs, and feedback mechanisms to ensure interns receive a valuable learning experience that prepares them for a successful career.  Because of the growth they experience within a matter of months, many of our interns aspire to work full-time at Sealy after graduation.  As the real estate market landscape evolves, firms prioritizing internships and talent development will gain a competitive edge, fostering a prosperous future for interns and the industry.

As we prepare for our interns to return to their schools, our sincerest thanks to all of them for their dedication and contributions to Sealy & Company this summer.  We are proud to be a part of your personal growth and development, and we look forward to watching what’s next, offering encouragement, and celebrating your successes.  We do not doubt that your futures are bright!

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About Sealy & Company

Sealy & Company, a fully-integrated commercial real estate investment, and operating company, is a recognized leader in acquiring, developing, and redeveloping regional distribution warehouse, industrial/flex, and other commercial properties. Sealy provides a full-service platform for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors through our development, management, and brokerage divisions.Sealy & Company has an exceptional team of over 100 employees, located in five offices, with corporate offices in Dallas, TX and Shreveport, ­LA.