Since its founding in 1946 by J. Pollard Sealy, Sr., Sealy & Company has grown into a fully-integrated commercial real estate investment and operating company.  As a 4th-generation, family-owned business, Sealy is a recognized leader in the industrial real estate market, with over $5.8 billion in investment volume in the last 20 years alone.  As the firm reflects on its 75th year in business, it proudly owns and manages approximately $1.5 billion in assets across 17 markets.

In addition to celebrating the firm’s 75th year of business, Sealy & Company achieved a number of company milestones in 2021, including:

Record year in acquisition volume – at $605MM in 2021, over $176 million increase from the previous year.

Record year in transaction volume – closing 25 transactions, nearly double the transactions of 2020.

Substantial increase in square footage – at over 8.25 MM square feet – the most significant year in total square footage added to Sealy portfolios.

The third-largest buyer of industrial space among private owner/operators – in terms of investment volume according to Real Capital Analytics, marking the fifth consecutive year to be recognized in the top buyers.

100% completion rate for all deals awarded in 2021 – with contractual closing scheduled on or before December 31, 2021.

Landmark investments in four new markets – the company’s portfolio covers 17 markets.  In 2021 Sealy made acquisitions in Detroit, Little Rock, Savannah, and Wichita for the first time in Sealy’s history.

Sealy’s proven track record of consistently outperforming industry benchmarks contributes to the success it’s realized over the company’s lifetime.  Sealy & Company’s reputation, capacity, and relationships are a driving force in the company’s continued success over the last 75 years.

“We are very proud of the accomplishment of our team for 2021.  Looking forward, Sealy will focus on investing in our people and operating platform, living into our brand, and we will continue to execute on our 50-year refined business strategy for investing in industrial real estate,” states Scott P. Sealy, Jr, Chief Investment Officer for Sealy & Company.

For over seven decades, the Sealy family has modeled and reinforced the core values of character and integrity, which run deep throughout our organization.  Strong family values drive the Company, evident in a culture that lives out commitment, integrity, discipline, innovation, and a passion for excellence.

“My grandfather, Mr. J. Pollard Sealy, Sr, and father, Mr. J. Pollard Sealy, Jr. were visionary businessmen who saw inefficiencies in the market and capitalized on the opportunities presented.  Their entrepreneurial spirit and standard of sincerity and transparency still drive our business practices today,” shared Mark P. Sealy, President.


“Over the last 75 years, the success of our Company has been deeply rooted not only in our business strategy but in keeping the commitments we make to ourselves and others.  We are open, honest, and direct.  Maintaining an environment of fairness and trust for our investors, industry relationships, and employees has been Sealy’s top priority for 75 years.  It will remain at the core of our business for generations to come,” said Scott P. Sealy, Sr, Chairman.

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About Sealy & Company

Sealy & Company, a fully-integrated commercial real estate investment, and operating company, is a recognized leader in acquiring, developing, and redeveloping regional distribution warehouse, industrial/flex, and other commercial properties. Sealy provides a full-service platform for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors through our development, management, and brokerage divisions.Sealy & Company has an exceptional team of over 100 employees, located in five offices, with corporate offices in Dallas, TX and Shreveport, ­LA.